Industrial Lubricant Sprays

Industrial Lubricant Sprays

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Lubricating Aerosols

  Properties Applications Size
HT Lubricating Spray Ensures good lubrication at high temperature up to 300°C. High resistance to dust absorption and water wash off. Used where lubrication is required at high temperature. Commonly used in chain sprocket lubrication 400ml
Antiseizure Lubricant Spray Rust dissolving, Multipurpose, Water displacement lubricant Used on rusted or seized parts to dissolve rust, also used to prevent rusting 400ml
Anti-Spatter Spray  Chemically inert lubricant, High temperature resistant. Sprayed on component before welding to avoid spatters of welding to be formed on welded components and welding nozzles. 400ml

Advantages of Engage Sprays

Using Engage Products : Quick drying, High gloss, High corrosion resistance, Ideal for use in interior and exterior environment.

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