Electric Maintenance Sprays

Electric Maintenance Sprays

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Electric Maintenance Sprays

  Properties Applications Size
Eleclean 88 Electrical contact cleaner. Ideal for removing grease, oil, dirt. Prevents corrosion, Plastic, rubber, paint safe.  Used to clean delicate electric contacts, Switchgears etc. 400ml
PCB Cleaner  Removes grease, tarnish, oxidation. Helps prevent corrosion, fast drying. Rubber, Plastic, paint safe, Moisture removing  Used to clean delicate electronic components, PCBs etc. 400ml
Insulating Warnish Spray Provides good resistance to transformer oil & moisture, Quick drying, Provides tough insulating seal used to seal electic leakage path for electric motor, battery terminals. 400ml

Advantages of Engage Sprays

Using Engage Products : Quick drying, High gloss, High corrosion resistance, Ideal for use in interior and exterior environment.

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